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Safari Tours tented camps introduce the traveler to a variety of different adventures in carefully selected exceptional landscapes in Sri Lanka. Experience the many moods of exotic Sri Lanka with its dramatic landscapes, rustic and unexplored rural surroundings. Rediscover yourself ...search the elusive leopard in the golden hue of the evening sky in Yala, meet Vedda from the far reaches of legendary kingdom Uva , enjoy calm evenings in sandy beaches , or simply curl up in your ‘tent with a view’ and so much more.Travel in any direction North, South, East or West and you are in for some exciting moments, take our word, every corner of Sri Lanka reverberates with the sounds of the natural world!

General Information

Declared on 1ST March, 1938 Ruhunu National Park(Rnp) BETTER KNOWN AS Yala National Park is once the most popular national parks in Sri Lanka and is well known for its rich ecological and archaeological heritage. The park is devided into five blocks and tourism is allowed only in Block. However visitors are allowed to v9isit Block all after obtaining special permission at the park entrance. Block 1 is also famous for its wide range of wildlife including the highest density of leopards in the country.

Located in the dry Zone, Yala has a distinct wet and dry season. Inter-monsoon rains occurring between March- April are followed by a drought extending from May-September, Followed by the northeast monsoon in September – December. The onset of the monsoon brings about a lushness which decorates it with a myriad of striking wildflowers adding scenic value to the landscape. Rocky outcrops are common in the park and rise above the jungle, overlooking everything below. These outcrops are also a favorite lookout for the load of the jungle. The 22 miles long beach that forms the southern border of YNP is a ground for five species of turtles that visit the island for nesting. The constantly changing sand dunes can get as high as 25m and the stunted vegetation on them is evidence of the harsh conditions afoot.